About Caeley (she/her)

Masters of Science in Medical Illustration 

Caeley is an award-winning medical illustrator and animator who currently works for Trial Ex Inc., a subsidiary of U.S. Legal Support, where she creates animations and illustrations for trial exhibits in medical malpractice cases.

 Independently, Caeley illustrates and animates non-legal medical works. 

 She is a recent graduate of the Department of Medical Illustration at Augusta University, class of 2023. Previously, she attended The Ohio State University, obtaining a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. 

As a student at Augusta University’s MIGP, Caeley excels at creating effective illustrations for educating surgeons, patients, and students.  She served as the class Treasurer for the class of 2023 and helped coordinate financials for department events.  Alongside her school projects, Caeley worked with the Student Medical Illustration Service to create real-life projects that will be used throughout the hospital, as well as being published in the Annals of Thoracic Surgery.  She is still active in research with the OBGYN department at Augusta Health creating three surgery simulations for the training of residents. 

Additionally, she has participated in various showcases including the UGA Science and Medical Illustration Showcase and the Association of Medical Illustrators student salon. In 2023, Caeley won an Award of Merit in the Student Salon in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Annual Association of Medical Illustrators Conference. 

 Caeley looks forward to learning more programs, continuing her education in 3D animation, and exploring up-and-coming technology like virtual reality. 

Mission Statement 

I strive to improve accessibility on the global scale of miraculous functions of the human systems with others through creating effective and communicative illustrations to share with people in and outside of the medical field of all cultures and experiences.  I envision creating a local and global community where sharing knowledge is paramount for improvement.